Education & Support Services

  • Are you a soon to be mom … or did you recently just have a baby … and want ideas for early play and interaction ideas for you and your child?  Please inquire about our Nuzzling Newborns class and Support System.
  • Do you sit in awe and wonder of how your child is developing but wonder about continuing support and play for your baby as they begin to engage and interact with you and wonder how to support this?  Consider asking about our Babbling Babies class and Support System.
  • The Terrible Twos can start to rear their heads as early as 17 to 18 months.  What is a Mom or Dad to do?  Ask about our Taming the Terrible Twos class.  Many times communication is at the root of these new behaviors.
  • You thought the Terrible Twos were bad … Watch out!  Here come the Horrible Threes.  Think about developing skills in our Preparing Preschoolers Program and supports.

Classes will be run as enrollment allows and once four or more parent-child groups have signed up.  Class cap size and location to be determined.