Tutoring / School Support


Jennifer Klingensmith, CEO, runs the tutoring/school support program bringing two Master's Degrees and over 25 years of experience within the school setting to it.  Using her knowledge about brain-based learning, learning/teaching styles, and multiple intelligences she marries her background in communication and communication disorders to offer school based support and tutoring-style services to this program.  She has been trained in Project Read, LIPS, and Visualization/Verbalization Reading Approaches and carries a strong background and understanding of phonics, phonology, and phonemic awareness. This option is a great way to get to know Jenn, her style, develop rapport, and determine if you feel Jenn will be a good fit with your loved one.  Jenn is also happy to offer tutorial services to speech and language students, be they in a preprofessional, speech assistant, or Masters Degree program.